Ocupied homes consultation

Lucette Montane. Ocupied Home Staging. Before and After

One of the various services provided by Lucette Montane, is consulting for occupied houses. This consultancy consists of doing an analysis of the place and after studying the environment the specialist delivers a detailed report, with all the suggestions for a harmonious and attractive space.

The image that buyers have of the place directly influences their decision to acquire it or not. Therefore, the specialist Lucette Montane analyzes the space in detail and then makes her recommendations, for example, what kind of objects should be removed or added. This happens because spaces very full of objects, or containing inappropriate objects can make the buyer not have a good image and not feel comfortable with the property.

Before and After Staging Home. Lucette Montane

Lucette Montane knows, one of the most important factors is to prevent potential buyers from associating the place with their former owner and to feel that the space can be theirs. The best way to do it is to make the stage neutral and attractive at the same time.

Houses full of objects make the spaces seem congested, Lucette Montane studies in detail the entire environment to determine which objects should be removed and which should be added.

It also takes care of the arrangement and order of the elements to leave the place with a harmonious image and a pleasant atmosphere. In this way, the first impression will be a determining factor in the enthusiasm of potential buyers.

The consultancy is a service usually provided for occupied houses, after analyzing the place, the specialist Lucette Montane will deliver a detailed report with all the improvement tips that can be executed by the owners of the house.

Get in touch to know the services and choose the one that suits you according to your needs. Lucette Montane provides personalized services and a range of different solutions to offer an excellent Staging Home service.